(1) Poetry-magazine, "Coal Sack" accepts poem (Either one poem or multiple poems is ok), essay, poetics, critique, book review and translated poem (Please ask editorial department about the number of pages).

You can post your own poetry work on the collection of short poems section. In advance, you will receive critique and editing by our editors before your poetry collection is introduced (If you have any enquiries please contact us)

Issued three times a year

  • April issue (Closed at March 20th, issued atthe end of April)
  • August issue (Closed at July 20th, issued at the end of August)
  • December issue (Closed at November 20th, issued at the end of December)


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Coal Sack Editorial department
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E-mail:Hisao Suzuki suzuki@coal-sack.com Kenichi Saso k.sasou@coal-sack.com

(2) We issue newsletters by e-mail every month which contains the latest information of Coal Sack.

(3) There is various recent information of Coal Sackon our homepage, such as newly published collection of poems and books published so far.

Also, you can see an ongoing poetry movement in "Japanese poets", "World poets" and "Link", which are the latest application information of poetry anthology. You can also see our staff blog on our homepage.

Please go into http://www.coal-sack.com/

(4) Please join in the six workshop on EIKICHI NARUMI (The next workshop is planned to be held at the beginning of December in 2012)

You can see information of past workshops at


(5) History

  • 2007 "Against nuclear Weapons: A Collection of Poems by 181 poets"
  • 2008 "The daily life words: A Collection of Poems by 276 poets"
  • 2009 "The Great Air Attacks: A Collection of Poems by 310 poets"
  • 2010 "Requiem: A Collection of Poems by 404 poets"
  • 2011 "Lives in Danger: A Collection of Poem by 311 poets"

We currently accept a poem for this collection.
We are planning to hold the publication party for "Lives in Danger: A Collection of Poem by 311 poets" in the fall of 2011.

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