中津攸子 俳句・エッセイ集

senseki eigo



1 Pilgrimages in the Asian Continent

In autumn sky clouds are so painfully white 10
On Hill 203 sasanqua camellias sway in the wind 12
Unexpectedly I found a toad at Nogi Hill  16
An autumn wind softly passes by the Marco Polo Bridge 18
A white butterfly flies up from near the resting cow 20
The setting sun shines on the ruins of Unit 731 24
Winds blow harder, while sunset clouds hang over Dalian 28
A rainbow is formed on the arc of water spat by the lion’s statue 30
In a shower of rain a soldier’s image is seen in front of the Lying
Buddha 34
Silent is the sound of rain in Red Square 38
Someone who shooed away birds left a piece of cloth behind in
the harvested rice field 42
No limit to the afterglow in the cirrocumulus clouds 44
Distant thunder rumbles in moments of loneliness 46

2 Pilgrimages to Islands in the Pacific

I clench my fist tight at Pearl Harbor in midsummer 54
Peaks of clouds rise above the sea off Banzai Cliff 56
Summer grass grows around Kannon’s statue at Muntinlupa 58
In the heat I look into the water dungeon 62
The sea in summer shines brightly where Magellan once landed 66
A white butterfly dances among the ruins of the Japanese troops’ 
headquarters 70
Thousands of bats wildly fly, obscuring the scorching sun 72
How cool the daytime moon looks at the tip of a palm leaf!  74

3 Pilgrimages in Tokyo, Hiroshima, and Nagasaki 

A trail of vapor― while sunset lingers on yonder side of summer 
grass 80
Today’s flowers make me think of my dead father’s true intention 82
Putting out the light, I sit upright and listen to the sound of 
fireworks 92
A dragonfly sits, yielding itself to the swaying of the water grass 94
Summer passes along the old runway of B-29s 98
An airplane vanishes into heaven on the anniversary of the 
atomic bombing 100
Basking in the sun sits a tree frog with its eyes half closed 104

4 Pilgrimages to the Warriors of the Special Attack Units

In the glaring sun how impressive the shadow of the 
memorial to the special attack unit pilots! 110
White clouds reflected in the surface of the river look 
lonely in summer 114
Surrounded by winter sparrows, the memorial to the 
special attack unit pilots looks over the sea 118
Fluttering, a petal of the wild cherry blossom alights on 
the rusty human torpedo 120
As in a water mirage, a sailboat floats on Lake Kasumigaura 124

5 Pilgrimages to Okinawa

A white butterfly flutters away farther and farther out over the 
sea 134
Under the autumn sky silent tombstones cluster together 136
At the site of a fierce battle purple violets bloom 138
Yellow daffodils seem to lure the lion’s statue 142
A small lizard disappears into the stonewall in an instant 150
The momotamahi flower seems to be a phantom on a flame 152
Crinums there, foram sand on my palms 156
I stroll along the beach with a spring moon 158
How many shooting stars drift away over Kian Point! 162
A man rows a boat, new tree leaves bask in the sun 166
Thunder in the distant, how I wish to become that evening hue 
when I die! 170

6 Pilgrimages after the War

They offer water to the straw horse on the day of our defeat 178
I insert a red autumnal leaf from the valley into my book 182
How many fire trucks pass by on this snowy midnight! 184
In the colorless wind, white-robed veterans bow, begging 186
In the early summer I hear the sound of waves beating on 
Etajima 190
Cooking sweet potatoes, I feel like Kiyo the maid in the novel, 
Bochan  198
Belated cherry blossoms in bloom at the temple where Priest Ryokan 
trained himself 200
Looking at myself from behind in the mirror, I tied my sash on 
the day the war ended 202
On the eve of her wedding I look at my daughter’s sleeping face 
by the spring light 204
The bush warbler, a cornerstone of history, talks of ancient times  206
Distant mountains look clear. Cranes sing love songs with their 
necks stretched out 210
It’s a far cry from days gone by―a summer moon hangs in the 
gorge of high-rise buildings 212
I wonder whose spirit it may be, a white balloon flower is open 
this morning 216
Lightly making a circle with my fingers, I let the autumn wind 
pass through 218

Commentary  Hisao Suzuki 224
About the author  242
A few words from the translator 246




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